Your next steps.

We're so grateful you've joined us for the one-off opportunity to migrate over to the new website at tier 3 in the new rewards program, for life.

Smart move ;)

We hope you love being part of our community and contributing to the quality of life for your own family, and many families around the country doing it tough. This is possible through our new 'for people, not profit' model.

Below are the steps to get up and running on the new site.

Let's walk through this...

1. Make sure your account is activated

Created a new account on the new website already?
Great, you can skip to step 2.

Didn't create a new account yet?
No sweat! Check your inbox for an automatically generated invitation to activate your new account. If you don't see it there, please check your spam/promotions folders. If you still can't see it, let us know and we can send a fresh email.

Once your account is activated, we’ll need to assign you to Tier 3 of the rewards program. This has already happened for most people. If you’re not sure which tier you’re on, login, click on the rewards linkat the top of the page, then click on the rewards tab, and you’ll see this section (below).

If you’re not on Tier 3, reach out and we’ll change that quick smart :)

2. Shop

All (former) paid members and anyone who jumped on the last chance offer get 25% off their first order. The code should automatically apply, but if nothere's the code: NEWSITE25

If the code 'Isn't available' then we're still in the process of migrating you into the system, reach out and we’ll sort it out straight away.

Once that’s done, you are ready to rock and roll.

Hope you enjoy the new shopping experience!

How the Loyalty Reward Points work.

Once you’re all set up and placed your first order, you’ll earn 15 reward points for every dollar you spend. These points can be traded in for savings on your next order.

To trade your points for savings codes, follow these steps.


1. Make sure you’re logged in.

2. Fill your cart with what you want to purchase.

3. When you’re ready to checkout, first click on theRewards link at the top of the page.

4. Click on the Rewards tab.

5. Click on the Redeem button under Claim your Credit.


6. Use the slider to determine how many points you wish to trade for savings in dollars.

7. Click Redeem then confirm you wish to redeem your points. Then copy the coupon code.

8. Go to checkout and paste the coupon code in and apply it.

9. Checkout with your savings applied!


Then rinse and repeat ;)


Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!