For People Not Profit

We believe premium wholefood, and how to heal and nourish from it, should be accessible to every Aussie.

We also believe business can be an excellent vehicle for generating resources that bring about great change in the lives of many.

Those two principles converge at the Wholefood Collective. We're committed to making TWC your go to for high quality whole foods, and food related products, while using the proceeds of business to continually improve on the TWC experience and relieve the suffering of those doing it tough.

How we do it

We're not your typical small business. We're a micro team of passionate 'wholefood is life' humans headed by us, Laini & Jordan, a wife and husband duo committed to the mission of social impact through health and food security.


We aren't here to build a business to onsell. We're not focused on lining anyone's pockets. Our legacy is wholefood = health, and that serving others builds the kind of love that will empower humanity to overcome all obstacles.


So how is this manifest? Well, once we start making a profit, we'll be using all of it to fulfil our mission. 50% goes back into continually improving all aspects of TWC, and 50% goes to legit food charities.

Improving your experience

Half the profits from TWC go to improving everything we do at TWC, and extending the reach of our mission. This includes, our plans to create more FREE education challenges, reducing the regional shipping costs, lowering the FREE shipping threshold, optimising the website, (hopefully) building a mobile app, plus heaps more!

Legit food charities

The other half of profits are donated to food based charities, that are committed to using precious funding to help those in need, not to just appear to be doing that.  

We've identified a food charity who meets that criteria, and whose values align with us at TWC, plus we've started our own local project.

Check out our current focus for social impact.

The Sunshine Coast Food Project is Jordan's baby (TWC's co-founder and Laini's husband), and was born during the early stages of COVID-19 lockdown, when many single parent families lost their income.


Food hampers are delivered to families in need.


Most often they're families led by a single parent, and facing issues such as domestic violence or displacement.


Food is donated by The Wholefood Collective, along with some truly wonderful local farmers and businesses.


Funds donated are put toward purchasing additional supplies at wholesale rates. All man-power is volunteered by beautiful local Sunny Coasters.

FareShare rescues food that would otherwise go to waste and cooks it into nutritious meals for people doing it tough.


They operate Australia’s largest charity kitchens in Melbourne and Brisbane, cooking thousands of delicious, free meals every day to boost energy and deliver dignity to vulnerable Australians.


They add as much goodness as possible to their casseroles, stir fries, roasts and savoury pastries to improve the diet and wellbeing of people impacted by COVID-19, low-income families, the isolated and elderly, and people of all ages experiencing hardship.


Due to generous donations of food and labour, it costs us less than $1 to cook a complete, wholesome meal. This means that every dollar really does have an impact. Every dollar funds more meals.

Your invitation

Lots of little amounts of help equals huuge impact! Together, we will make big change.


We want you to join us in our mission. The more like minded Aussies we have supporting the Wholefood Collective, the more families we can positively impact. Shop your whole foods with us and see your dollars make real change.

Lots of Love!

Laini & Jordan

Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!