What's New at The Wholefood Collective?


Laini and I are so happy you're here checking out the new changes to TWC. We are also quite humbled by the incredible response we've had so far to these changes.

We have been so excited to make these changes and know we are heading in the best direction possible. With your ongoing support, we're together going to make a huge difference in the lives of Aussie families.


Right, so there's a bunch of info on this page to help you understand all that's happening, PLUS we have a sweet savings offer that expires real soon,and finally the steps you need to take to get started on the new site.


Lots of love, Laini & Jordan.


Here's a summary infographic to kick it off.


Let's talk about your new way to shop.

It's different.

You might be used to shopping a certain way with your old Membership. You'd login and see your members prices.

Remember, we are no longer a membership platform, and you no longer have to pay for a membership at The Wholefood Collective.

The new website is not like the old one, and you access your savings differently. It's a mindset shift, and everybody wins.

Rewards Program

It's better.

We now have an open website, with products listed at RRP. At first glance it may appear more expensive, but there's a simple Rewards Program for you to earn your savings.

This means you can continue to enjoy equivalent average savings you're used to - for life, and never pay another annual membership fee, woohoo!

Certain actions on the new TWC website earn you points, which you can exchange for dollars off at checkout.

Each dollar spent rewards the shopper 5 points. As your total spend with TWC reaches certain levels, you'll enter what's called VIP Tiers that multiply the amount of points you receive. If you were a current paid member when we transitioned, you go straight to the top tier (3), and earn 3 times the points per dollar spent (15). More on this later.

The below image gives an overview of the Rewards program.

So what do you do with these points?

You trade them in for savings codes to use at checkout.

How much are the rewards points worth?

I'm glad you asked.

There's no limit to the points you can accumulate, but they do expire 6 months after you earn them. This is to motivate you to use them so you actually get the benefit of a rewards program.

To learn how to trade your points in, and how to do other things, click here to see some how to video's.

Your points earned from an order can be traded in for savings on your next order.

To get you started, you have a 25% Off savings code 'NEWSITE25' (expires Midnight Saturday April 17th). After your first shop, you get points on the dollars you spend, then trade those points in for a savings code for your next order.

Here's a little infographic to explain it with more clarity.

That's a wrap on the new changes and how the Rewards Program works. Feel free to reach out here if you would like any more info, and make sure you follow the vital next steps below.

Your Vital Next Steps...

Here's what you need to do to get started.

1. *Your old login details from the old site no longer work*. We've sent you a New Account Activation email for you to activate your account on the new site, and create a password. Check your spam/junk folder if it's not in your inbox. If you can't locate it, reach out to us here, and we'll re send it.

2. Once your account is active, we can assign you to Tier 3 to make sure you get triple points for every dollar you spend.

If you need to shop before we assign you to Tier 3, that's okay, you won't miss out on points, we can sort it out post purchase. Just reach out and let us know :)

3. ***Remember your 25% Off your first order code EXPIRES Midnight Saturday 17th of April.***

That's it. Hope you love the new site, the new model, and our new purpose.


Seek and you shall (hopefully) find!